Preparing for CML Appointments

Take time preparing for your CML appointment. Because once you're at the doctor's office, time always seems to be short. Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is complex. And it helps to study everything you can about it, if you haven't already—the condition, the tests, the treatment options, and their side effects. Your understanding of CML will not only help you cover more ground in less time, you also won't leave the office feeling, "I should have
asked about...".

Use your CML Treatment Companion™

ahead of time

Things can be easier when you use the right tool for the job. In this case, take advantage of your CML Treatment Companion to give you an easy way to track your side effects, their frequency, and the impact they're having on you day to day. It's designed to record detailed information that will help focus your conversation with your doctor.

Take a friend on the day

Use the CML Treatment Companion for all it's worth. But remember, there's no substitute for a human companion. Consider taking along a friend or family member, someone who's up to date on your condition and your treatment, and knows what you want to discuss and what you need to get out of this appointment—someone who can be your eyes and ears, ask follow-up questions if you forget to, and even take notes for later.

Ask the right questions

The CML Treatment Companion is designed so you can print out any screen with the details you've recorded. It even generates a personal discussion guide to take to the doctor, based on the information you've entered. Watch the how-to demo to see how simple it is to use.

But whether you use a personalized list of questions or simply choose from the list below—make sure you understand the answers before you leave.

CML Treatment: Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Use this list if you're not on your own computer. Or if you haven't yet set up the CML Treatment Companion. This list may not include all of the questions you have for your doctor. Check off the questions that concern you, click the "Print" button, and bring the list to your next doctor's visit.

This Web site is not meant to replace a discussion with your doctor, who is your most important source for information.

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