Incidence of CML

Do you ever wonder about the incidence of CML—the number of people diagnosed in a year? Or its prevalence—the number of people living with CML? Or the odds of getting it? Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is not very common, as your doctor may have told you. You may never have heard of it until you were diagnosed. This is not surprising since it represents just a small proportion of all people diagnosed with all cancers.

But if you have CML, you're certainly not alone—as this quick summary shows.

CML by the numbers

The number

of people living with CML today is growing

About 10%

of all leukemia is chronic myeloid leukemia

More than 5,900

new CML cases were estimated in the United States for 2013

9 out of 10 people

with CML are in the chronic phase when they're diagnosed

29,000 people

(approximately) are living with CML in the
United States

About 65 years

is the average age of people with CML. It's rare
in children

About 1 in 625

is the average person's lifetime risk of getting CML

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